Greenlime Method

GREENLIME method is based on dry, semi-dry multiple injection in industrial flue gas ducts of specialized sorbent material. GREENLIME particles, designed with special characteristics, are injected in a duct where in counter flow with flue gas absorb and mitigate gas pollutants (SOx, NOx, HF, Hg). Then these particles are collected from the environmental technology (Bag filters, ESP’s) and they can be removed as byproducts with commercial value, in dry form or can be recycled until the sorbent ability is saturated. In some cases where the dry method is not satisfactory, then GREENLIME system can be converted in semi-dry adding specialized systems of water mist with extra additives, aiming to accelerate the kinetics and to approach the adiabatic saturation temperature for optimization. Moreover, due to the variable implementation of the temperature range of the different GREENLIME products, they can be injected simultaneously at several points for multiple reduction when concentration of pollutants is high.
It should be noted that GREENLIME products can be implemented in all large Combustion Plants, such as power generation, incinerators, cement plants and generally all applications that use rotary kilns.